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Best history series debuts new antagonist

Don't miss the statements of the Executive producer of The Walking Dead! The new enemy of the survivors will make their triumphant entrance in the fourth season, according to Gale Anne Hurd.

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman seems willing to let us wait to see the assembled group of prison as in the old days. From melty.es, we have not wanted to deprive our readers of the latest synopsis revealed for the AMC chain, thanks to which we guess that screenwriter will wait for the last few minutes of this exciting installment to offer the most anticipated moment in tray. Only this reunion will allow reply to several questions that were on-air episodes behind, such as the truth about the murder of Karen and David, or the identity of the traitor who approached the walkers to the prison. Episode 12 of the fourth season of The Walking Dead will be called 'Still', and according to fans of the successful apocalyptic plot, Eugene could be at the center of it.
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Episode 12, the journal of Beth
The synopsis of the chapter explains that a new illuminating mission will be born of the request of one of the members of the group. Given that during the 11th chapter of the 4th season of The Walking Dead Abraham explained to Glenn and Tara the importance of arriving in Washington to convey the reason why the outbreak of zombies invaded the world, there would not be surprising that in 'Still' we knew more details about the origin of the Apocalypse. On the other hand, the new trio decided to postpone the Mission until Glenn and Tara gave the whereabouts of Maggie, something that could bring these three new characters from the rest of the survivors in the following chapters. In episode 13, "a group will find a refuge," reads the sinospis. " This description leads us to think that all the members of the prison will not meet either in this chapter, because AMC continues by specifying that only one of the bands will be be safe in 'Alone'. On the other hand, the description of the chapter 14 of this installment of The Walking Dead, entitled 'The Grove' explains: "After establishing a new shelter, the group will return to consider things as they used to be".
However, dangers are stalking survivors, despite having the certainty of the anticipated reunion. And it is that the last two episodes of this season will return to Rick and his men on the ropes. The Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd explained in a recent interview that "the new evil" will make its triumphant entry before the end of the fourth installment of The Walking Dead, and fans have already ventured to notify of an enemy "that will recall the Governor as a blue Prince"...

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