sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Chile: steps to travel to the U.S.

The Ambassador of Chile in United States, Felipe Bulnes, explained this afternoon what are the new requirements to enter the country, after which this afternoon achieve entry into the visa waiver program, allowing you to simplify the process.
In a conversation with La Tercera, the diplomat gave to know also that the form that must be filled to obtain authorization as it is available to the public.

After the agreement, those who want to travel to the North American country must fill in a form that contains some questions. Then make a payment of $14, and which may be made by any person, and not necessarily who will make the trip.

The journey, in addition, must be equal to or less than 90 days, and they must begin after 1 may, provided that the reason is for business or tourism. Those traveling before that date should be made the old procedure.

One of the requirements is to have electronic passport.

According to the Ambassador, statistics of the United States Homeland Security indicate that in 98% of the time the results are delivered immediately, and a 99% approval is approvals. Despite this he called to perform the procedure with at least 72 hours prior to travel.

The former Minister also said that this means a "great achievement and a recognition of the country. It is a recognition for everything that we have been building and facilitating the possibilities of travel."

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