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Glorious PC Master Race: Thief to 1080 and 60 fps

The theme of the famous 1080 p has been bringing tail in all this new generation, where in summary it seems that PS4 takes advantage in this respect to Xbox One. Also many we ask ourselves - what else will give the resolution if what we want is to just play?-. Regardless of all this, and to view each, now information reach us from portal CraveOnline who have been able to compare the different versions of Thief and ensure that the attempt by Sony to achieve the 1080 p in the majority of their titles can pass bill. And one of these evidences is the framerate of Thief, which apparently has great instability and is below the 30 fps in PS4.
So far people have the premise that PS4 is the best choice to play top quality graphics, (speaking of consoles, clear), but if we both care of magical 1080 p resolution, not we should do it in other aspects? Is it better to have games to 1080 p and sacrificing other important things like the quality of the textures or the framerate?

CraveOnline boys have had opportunity to play both versions of Thief, both the Xbox One as PS4, and it seems that it is not gold that glitters. They say that the fact that you try to keep a resolution of 1080 p version of PS4 may be somewhat counterproductive, seeing very drastic framerate falls ranging between 15-20 fps during the game, something that have not seen so clearly in the previous generation versions where concern for the framerate is not the order of the day. However, also running the version of One apparently is more stable since it keeps a scaling constant, but 900 p and with the subsequent framerate and AA.

The question is, does 1080 p with an irregular framerate or 900 p? and subsequent scaling AA with a stable framerate Xbox One lower resolution requires according to 660,000 fewer image pixels, so the console has more resources to manage the fps, but they clarify that the visual definition on both platforms is almost similar:

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