sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Obama requires Putin to withdraw military personnel in Ukraine

US President Barack Obama said Saturday his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during a 90-minute telephone call, that Moscow violated international law with its foray into Ukraine, at the time that warned of reprisals from Washington and its allies. AFP

The White House said that Obama claimed Putin that retract their forces to their bases in the Crimea and warned that if Moscow continues to violate international law will he be exposed to a greater "insulation political and economic" at the international level.

The call came after a meeting of the Obama security team to study possible responses to the crisis, once the Russian Parliament authorized Putin to send troops to Ukraine, where Kiev authorities say that already 6,000 Russian soldiers were sent to the autonomous Crimea peninsula.

"President Obama expressed deep concern at the clear violation of Russia's Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity," said the White House in a statement that detailed discussions by both Presidents in the call.

Obama told Putin that his actions were "a breach of international law, including obligations under the Charter of the United Nations, Russia and its military agreement of 1997 with Ukraine" signal

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