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Velez Beat Boca at Liniers and was left as a single pointer

Mouth again lost by 1-0 on its visit to Velez Sarsfield, which temporarily climbed to the tip, then a sexy encounter played in José Amalfitani Stadium. Striker Mauro Zárate, scored the goal of the team led by José Oscar Flores 28 minutes of the first half.

YouTube-Gol Zarate. Velez 1 - 0 Boca. Fi...

Ver video :http://www.youtube.com/watch? feature = player_embedded & v = 902dvM3wiIY

With their third defeat in the Championship, the team of Carlos Bianchi stayed with four; While Velez arrived in 10 units and stood momentarily at the tip. Those of Liniers, carrying seven matches without defeats in local and that just lost one of the last 13 games, were superior to mouth throughout the 45 minutes, thanks to its flyers play and the depth of its front. Lucas Romero and Alejandro Cabral pressure in the middle of the pitch over Fernando Gago, the "brain" of the mouth, most deployment and dynamics Agustín Allione and Hector Canteros marked

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